Be careful while travelling abroad and visiting local gay pubs, because strange things happen all the time! BoundGods crew heard there were harsh gay bondage sex incidents happen in Hungary, Budapest, and sent an emissary there to find out if such gossips were true.

While James Jones cruised local gay bars there, he spotted two brawny twins following and keeping an eye on his firm butt. He was silly enough to let his guard down, and quickly found himself cornered and dragged to the back room for rough male bondage sex.

His body was restrained, his mouth gagged, and two brothers punched him into full gay bondage sex submission. After stroking and sucking his cock, crushing his balls, they fingered his asshole and shoved a cucumber inside.

When you get caught like this in a foreign country, you’d better try your best to endure this excruciating gay bondage. Still, Jones was brave enough to withstand it all, and after several cumshots into his ass and onto his face, he was finally allowed to cum. Would you be able to? These sly European gay BDSM tops just love to punish and fuck handsome American bottom guys.

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Working out late in the gym every evening might indeed be a dangerous habit! Near-empty gyms are often cruised by gay BDSM tops, who got the twist on subduing well-built muscular studs into gay bondage sex slavery.

Wolf Hudson loves to cruise gyms in the evening on his hunt for his new male bondage slaves. This evening he sees a well-built, muscular boy Christian Owen working on push-ups in the farthest corner. Like most macho guys, Christian’s attitude goes far beyond his looks. Nothing can stop gay bondage Master Wolf however, and he decides to put this naughty stud on a hard gay bondage workout.

Now just imagine that would actually happen to you. Brawny gay bondage top has your ankles tied to the bench and places a heavy barbell right on top of your chest. He then grabs your balls and forces you to do bench press as many times as you can. When you can’t rise a barbell anymore, he drops a couple bells and forces you to repeat the whole set, slapping your face and squeezing your balls every time you fail.

When you are exhausted after several gay bondage sets with a barbell and a couple sets of push-ups on your press, and your nutsack is all hot and aching, he decides to teach you some manners. Instead of fondling you properly, gay bdsm sex Master ties you up naked to a punching bag. It’s much more fun to hit a living punch bag, isnt it? Especially when after each punch, the punchbag must respond with “Thank you, Sir!”.

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You’ll see how after heavy gay bondage workout and use of living punchbag, Wolf drags his totally ehxausted slave to the shower, restrains his body and fucks him silly as if he was some kind of a mannequinn.

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When you’re in the hands of gay bondage sex Master Nick Moretti, your only choice is to obey and earn the right to cum. Because

Master Nick loves to tie up guys in his male discipline lessons, and to deny them orgasm for as long as possible.

Enduring long bondage gay sex lesson with Master Nick is quite a challenge. Expect him to have you hanging upside down as he leaks hot wax on your bare nut basket, pins your foreskin and flogs your ass with Australian cattle crop till your skin is dark red in color.

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Gay bondage slave Cj found himself in even harsher situation: his mouth is kept wide open with a spider gag so gay bdsm Master Nick can shove his big cock into Cj’s mouth right up to the balls. Expect to see male bondage slave Cj blow the biggest wad of cum in his life when Master Nick Moretti finally lets him cum, while still fucking his tight butt with increased speed!

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Gay bondage sex Master Van comes home and finds his personal slave sit alone in the room and wank his cock on some gay porn. If he was in a good mood, Master Van wouldn’t give an elephant’s ass about it, but today the situation is different. It was a really bad day for him, two other male bondage slaves at BoundGods misbehaved and required very hardcore punishment. So Master Van Darkholme was tired and sick of all stupid gay sluts in the world he had to tame and train.

So in his rage, gay bdsm sex Master Van ties up his slave finn, and inserts a metal hook into slave’s asshole. He then drags him across the room and ties his gay bondage sex slave to the t-bar for heavy flogging and butt kicking. Slave finn screams, because his balls fell into cruel and clever balls crushing device.

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Gay bdsm Master puts slave’s cock into a tube, where it gets stroked and electrocured till depraved slave bitch cums at least twice and his jizz leaks from the tube. His ass then gets pumped hard with Master’s cock until this male bondage session comes to an end.

Master Van simply blows his wad onto finn’s face and leaves him there, with gay bdsm slave’s balls still locked up and tortured inside the evil ball busting device. What a nice finisher for a great bondage gay sex video episode if you ask me!

Night cat burglar Luka finds hugecocked gay BDSM star Chad Rock sleeping totally naked in his bedroom. Luka can’t resist to abuse who he thinks is a helpless straight man. Our kinky burglar no longer cares about money, rather he’s up for exciting night of gay bondage sex, full of desire to suspend and fuck this handsome man.

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