Were you ever in the army? Did you ever encounter sadistic doctors who are into gay bondage and love to test fresh yardbirds? Here’s a story for your pleasure involving a horny and very cruel gay doctor and a private who doesn’t know he’s in trouble yet!

Just finished his basic training, private Jeof Pierson reports for his Army physical from Dr. Nick Moretti. Nick puts the young recruit on a series of thorough tests to determine if he’s tough enough. Jeof is quickly mummified in tough male gay bondage and the vicious war medic attaches evil looking medical forceps to his nipples.

The doctor is so pleased that he sucks Jeof’s huge cock, swallowing it whole, before brutally face fucking the private in gay bondage. Watch the doc insert an electrified catheter right into the private’s iron hard cock and masturbate while supervising the whole process of gay male torture.

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Watch The Slave’s Overly Hard Cock Pulse And Respond As Evil Doc Adjusts The Voltage!

The Jeof’s extremely hard cock pulses and jumps with each wave of electricity that passes through it. However the best moments of this movie are the following: Jeof’s ass sadistically electrified with a big electro butt plug. You get to watch the whole process of military male bondage and discipline where Jeof is bound with rope and is brutally whipped in gay BDSM from Nick’s belt.

There’s still one final gay bondage test left… a suspension fuck that is so brutal in nature you better be careful while watching!

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It seems if you gamble too much and you are a debtor to a sadistic loan shark, you might end up starring in a new gay male bondage movie! As a mere slave of course! Just look at what happened to Blake Daniels and his boyfriend, Adam Russo.

It was a big mistake for Blake Daniels to not pay his debt for so long. Brenn Wynson is such a vicious sadist he will squeeze them both in tightest gay bondage sex possible. He ties them both, with Blake Daniels hanging upside down and makes them suck each other cocks in gay bondage.

Both gay male bondage slaves are tied in such an excruciating way it takes enormous effort to suck each other so they refuse after some attempts. Brenn Wynson is totally mad at them. He is so fucking posses he flogs he hell out of Adam Russo.

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Notice how Blake watches his gay BDSM master flogging his boyfriend. His cock is now instantly hard as a rock. Brenn Wynson immediately notices that and puts Blake Daniels on heavy CBT test. He shouts right into his gay bondage sex slave’s ear: – “Now you’ll either think how to pay the fucking debt or I depart your cock off your worthless body!”.

Totally pissed at his two slaves enjoying this male bondage and discipline lesson, Bren Wynson goes on rampage! Watch him fuck their asses, choke them with his own cock balls and ass and burst a huge load of cum onto their sweaty faces.

This gay bondage sex fantasy is so fucking hot and intense you totally have to watch the whole episode! I bet you never seen anything like this before so check it out!

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Ha ha, I just love when guys from Bound Gods crew post their experiences, specially those about foreigh trips to shoot gay bondage discipline and sex videos around the world to give it some medieval flavor. Just read this:

Director’s note: We went to Budapest in August and shot 8 videos in five days. It was brutal. The Hungarian models freaked when they saw our setup and toys. They were extremely vanilla and it was quite a challenge for me – especially since none of them spoke English and we had to go through an interpreter.

Every day was a new challenge because we had never seen any of the locations beforehand, and we would have to invent a workable shoot idea on the spot. Overall it was a great learning experience. For this particular shoot, I saw a wooden coffin at the location and said to myself, “What the heck?”

Well, from what I’ve seen on Bound Gods, they maybe didn’t teach them english, but they definitely gave those hungarians several harsh gay bondage lessons! I applaud their work, and now simply going to post a bdsm sex gallery from Bound Gods. I forgot to post it a month or so later, so bear with me. You’ll really like it.

Watch this excellent medieval gay bondage fantasy with village mortician worshipping a slain muscular warrior he has to prepare for funeral. The supposedly dead warrior responds to his fondlings, and how! I expected many kinky male bondage and discipline fantasies when Van Darkholme agreed to direct Bound Gods, but this one was quite a surprise for me!

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BoundGods acted smart when they hired famous gay male bondage and discipline Master Van Darkholme to direct their gay BDSM sex episodes. Not only he is strict and cruel, he also takes verbal and physical humiliation at BoundGods to the whole different level.

Here on this male bondage and discipline blog I am going to explain what I liked about BoundGods so much that I almost had to subscribe for a membership. Watch for updates and subscribe to my RSS news feed to receive newest gay bondage sex movies as they come out


When Master Van Darkholme discovered his slave rico gotten himself new pierced nipples without asking his gay bondage Master first, Van teaches rico some harsh bondage discipline. He decides to use rico as an example to his another gay bdsm slave, alessandro. Van beats the restrained rico into full submission, and his screams make gay bondage sex slave alessandro shiver in awe.

master Van Darkholme and his two gay BDSM sex slaves

Master Van Darkholme Humiliates One Slave, And Orders Another One To Fuck Him In Bondage

To make sure rico won’t forget this lesson, gay bondage Master Van ties rico to a stockade and whacks his back, bare ass and feet with a long bamboo whip. As reward for rico’s pain tolerance, Van forces him to give a blowjob to bdsm slave alessandro.

Then Van punches rico and causes him to bend over. Now slave alessandro fucks rico while Van’s prey is still in gay bondage sexx. Both gay bdsm slaves blow their wads on Van’s boots and drop to their fours to lick them clean to avoid even harder gay bdsm punishment.

Don’t ask me, I know this was magnificent gay bondage video shoot. Just proceed to Bound Gods right now to watch it all yourself!

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At Bound Gods, gay bondage master Brodie Newport is known under the nick of “The Butcher”, it is because he’s utterly cruel and loves to disquise himself while on the hunt for innocent straight guys with well-shaped asses.

If you were ever locked in his gay bondage dungeon, no amount of pleas and begging would convince him to set you free. You’d be restrained and asked to suck his cock without asking further questions. If you’d happen to be bad at giving head, gay bdsm master Broodie would flog your back and thighs so heavily that you’d convulse and howl in pain while still restrained.

Gay bondage slaves who are bad at sucking The Butcher’s cock are threated like a fresh gay BDSM sex meat. They are immediately hung upside down and twist in ropes while The Butcher makes some massive cum injections into their narrow fuck tunnels between their ass cheeks


Watch Master Brodie butcher his slave into absolute submission in this gay bondage sex movie, you’ll see what it takes to become a slave at Bound Gods. Maybe then, sometime, you’d be happy to meet the most cruel bondage master within Bound Gods crew.

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